PROJECT 1 Illus. Flora of Turkey

Poaceae family, genus Verbascum and Carex which we are responsible for

PROJECT 2 Ecology and Macrophytes

Establishment of Reference Monitoring Network for the Assessment of Freshwater Bodies.

PROJECT 3 Verbascum's of Tekirda─č

Morphology, Anatomy, Palynology and Ecology of Genus Verbascum which spreads in Tekirda─č

PROJECT 4 Verbascum bugulifolium

IUCN Category of V. bugulifolium,
Determination of reproductive strategies,
Biology of V. bugulifolium,

PROJECT 5 Flora of Thrace Region

In cooperation with TAGEM, a biodiversity project covering Thrace is being carried out.

PROJECT 6 Assessment of Lake Azap

Investigation of flora around Lake Azap and ecology of Lake Azap.